Welcome to Buchholz Medical Group

Buchholz Medical group has been serving the Bay Area since 1978, providing comprehensive cancer care and psychological counseling for patients and families. We have always integrated science-based medical care for disease with a compassionate understanding of the person who has the “dis-ease.” We welcome the opportunity to help you in whatever ways we can.

We combine the latest technical cancer treatments with established medical traditions to provide care plans that focus on the individual needs of patients. We understand that serious illnesses affect both the patient and family in complex ways. In starting treatment it is just as important to make the decisions in the right way as it is to make the right decisions. While going through treatment it is just as important to keep the psyche healthy as it is the body.

After medical cancer treatment is finished, healing into “life after cancer” requires just as much attention and support as during the treatment itself. We are happy to help patients and families at all stages of cancer: to prevent if possible, to provide up-to-date conventional and complementary treatments, to develop a Survival Plan for those who have completed initial treatment (including patients who have been seen in other offices) and to provide second opinions about conventional or complementary treatments.

Dr. Susie provides expert counseling for individuals, couples and families who are going through rough psychological patches in their lives. No one is immune from anxiety or “the blues” but when the stress of illness or life becomes a problem in itself it’s important to get help in returning to balance. The psychological energy of such powerful emotions should not be wasted. It can be used as the force that brings us to higher levels of function and health. Whether the emotional distress comes from dealing with cancer, relationships, or life stresses, whole health requires treating the whole person.

Our Staff

  • William M. Buchholz, M.D., Hematology, Oncology
  • Susan W. Buchholz, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology